What to look for in an insurance broker

If you need an insurance policy, you could spend days researching everything yourself but working with an expert will offer knowledge, efficiency and savings.

How can you tell which insurance broker is the right choice for you?

Why an insurance broker?

You may be wondering why you should choose a broker over a typical insurance agent. This is because most insurance agents work for one specific company, limiting your access to policies that may be more affordable or more comprehensive.

Brokers offer policies from multiple companies, making it easy to access the best fit—and also providing streamlined communication if you work with multiple insurance companies at a time. Because a broker is working directly for you, we motivate them to find the best deal for your situation instead of boosting sales for their employer.

Check their credentials

The exact credentials an insurance broker should have will vary by location, specialty and background. In most cases, the broker will present their credentials on their website and business cards, often with a series of letters after their name. Review these abbreviations before your meeting, and ask the broker to clarify anything that is unclear.

Check online reviews

Most insurance brokers will have reviews and testimonials on their website. While these are indicative of satisfied clients, they may not represent the views of their clients at large. You may also want to check out their online reviews on independent sites, such as Google and Yelp.

Keep in mind that a single bad review should not be enough to deter you, but be wary of patterns of similar complaints. A quality broker should have an overall record of satisfaction from clients.

Know their reach

Some insurance brokers only work with a few insurance companies, making them better than an insurance agent who is tied to a single company. It often makes sense to work with a broker who works with a wide variety of companies, giving you more options.