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Best Places to Vacation in NJ With Your Boat

Travel has been off the table for many people over the past couple of years because of the pandemic. People have been reluctant to travel, or simply unable to travel because of rules, restrictions, and guidelines put in place to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

Of course, with vaccines being rolled out and hospitalizations dropping, it’s not all too surprising that the Garden State is preparing for tourism to get back to normal and is ready to welcome visitors through its doors in the year ahead.

If you’re planning a trip to New Jersey, you may wonder what you can enjoy while you’re visiting. There are countless options and ideas that will suit a variety of different tastes, interests, and budgets, but with 130 miles of Atlantic Coast, it’s not all too surprising that New Jersey is the perfect location to engage with boating and to explore by water.

Here are some of the best places to vacation in NJ by boat!

Best Places to Vacation in NJ With Your Boat

NJ is a vast and sprawling state with plenty of places to visit by boat. Whether you’re from NJ yourself, or a visitor with less knowledge of the state, it’s difficult to whittle down your options and determine where’s best for you to head. Here are some suggestions that can help you have the best time possible during your break.

Avalon Beach

Avalon is one of the most popular beach destinations in NJ. With a seven mile-long beach, Avalon has enough stunning white-sands to cater to huge numbers of people. Direct access to the Atlantic Ocean means the beach is ideal for many water activities, ranging from swimming to boating, kayaking and surfing.

The area surrounding the beach also has plenty of activities to suit all tastes, including traditional seaside amusements, including miniature golf, high-end boutiques, surf shops, ice cream stands, beachfront bars and clubs for a night out.

Ocean City

Another renowned coastal area in NJ is Ocean City, and it’s famous for good reason. Located on the Jersey Shore, it has a number of beautiful beaches to enjoy, as well as a popular boardwalk. Here, you can enjoy many seaside activities, such as sunbathing and swimming, on white-sand beaches.

There are also plenty of shops and eateries to enjoy on the boardwalk. For families, there’s Gillian’s Wonderland Pier, an amusement park on the boardwalk that will thrill little ones. Here, you can make the most of nostalgic rides and miniature golf.

You should also make time to visit Corson’s Inlet State Park, which has nature trails through dunes and wetlands, where you can spot many shorebirds and other wildlife.

Sandy Hook

Sandy Hook is another popular beach destination for those who love the sand and surf. There are opportunities for plenty of different activities, such as swimming, fishing, diving, surfing, windsurfing, and other watersports. From here, you can also easily reach the Gateway National Recreation Area parkland, which features a holly forest and salt marshes with hiking trails.

You may also want to visit the Sandy Hook Lighthouse, a historic lighthouse that’s one of the oldest operating in the country.

Perth Amboy Waterfront

Of course, you’re going to need somewhere to moor your boat if you want to head onto dry land and visit local attractions. You are also going to need somewhere to moor up at night when you no longer want to man the wheel and need to get some rest.

Choosing the right marina in New Jersey to visit and stay in can be difficult. Perth Amboy Waterfront is one of the most popular options for boaters – and for good reason. The historic waterfront features a memorable historic and maritime setting, filled with attractions such as a promenade, seafood restaurants, and well-preserved historic landmarks such as the former Perth Amboy Ferry Slip, which is now a museum. It also boasts spectacular views of Raritan Bay and Staten Island.

Just Make Sure You’re Insured

Of course, if you’re going to visit any of these stunning destinations, it is important to consider insurance. There’s risk in every element of life, and having the right insurance in place can allow you to relax and get the most from every day, rather than worrying or fretting during your break. Here are a couple of policies to consider during your time away.

Personal Insurance

There are a range of personal insurance policies you should consider at all times to make sure that you’re covered should the worst happen. Of course, hopefully you never have to actually claim on these policies, but they can help to lift the financial burden should you face troubles, difficulties, or unfortunate events.

Types of personal insurance to consider include life insurance to help dependents should the worst happen, health insurance should you require medical help, and vacation home insurance should you purchase a new shore home. It’s important to compare different policies to ensure you get the right amount of coverage to suit your needs.

Boat Insurance

If you decide to visit NJ by boat, boat insurance is going to be an absolute essential. Make sure that your boat is covered in NJ, as well as any other states that you may pass into if you’re taking a particularly long trip. While boat insurance is only mandatory in Arkansas and Utah, it’s a wise investment wherever you may use a boat, as it can protect you financially should any incidents occur.

As you can see, New Jersey could serve as a truly memorable location to vacation with your boat. With stunning places to go and brilliant views to see, we expect that you’ll have a great time with your loved ones!