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The Most Common Types of Marine Construction

There are so many different jobs for people who want to work in the world of marine construction. If you have ever watched the reality TV show Below Deck, you will see that there are many roles on boats of all sizes, big and small. You will also have discovered that a life at sea is certainly not for everyone.

Nevertheless, when it comes to marine construction, there are many different opportunities and possibilities. We are going to take a look at them so you can get a better understanding.

Getting Insurance While Working in Marine Construction

One thing that we do need to point out, though, is the importance of taking out good insurance coverage if you are going to pursue a job in marine construction. After all, this is a large industry, with many different safety risks. If you do not have the correct insurance in place, you could end up in a lot of trouble. This is the last thing that anyone wants, which is why it is critical that you protect yourself first.

Working in Marine Construction

If you want to work in marine construction, you will be part of a team of professionals with many skill sets. From architects to engineers; there are a lot of different roles in marine construction and everyone needs to work in harmony together to ensure project success.

There are many projects that can be included in the design of marine crafts and structures. This also covers the likes of decommissioning, conversion, repair, and construction. Some of the different crafts and structures at the center of these roles are:

  • Working vessels, such as rescue boats and fishing boats
  • Warships
  • Submarines
  • Pleasure crafts, like powerboats and yachts
  • Offshore drilling platforms, like subsea infrastructure installations and floating units
  • Merchant ships, like container ships, cargo ships, and tankers
  • High-speed craft, including hydrofoils and hovercraft
  • Passenger lines, cruise ships, and ferries

To work in marine construction, you are going to need to have a good understanding of the various areas of engineering. You will also be expected to work with the technology that has become integral to marine construction.

Employers can include international and governmental maritime organizations, boat & ship builders, major manufacturers of marine equipment, design consultancies, offshore support companies, etc. There are plenty of places to work.

Jobs and Opportunities in Marine Construction

Naval Architect

The first job that we are going to present to you when it comes to marine construction is that of being a naval architect. This means that you will play a pivotal role when it comes to the design and planning of ships and other types of sea-going vessels.

Shipping Broker

You may also want to consider becoming a shipping broker, which means you will be involved in the sales and purchases of ships and shipping cargo. This is a great way to be involved in marine construction without having to be involved in the build process. Instead, you can be instrumental in selling the amazing ships that have been created.

Marine Environmental Management

If you are someone who is passionate about the world of marine life and you want to help the environment, this job title marries both roles effectively.

Shipbuilding Engineer

A shipbuilding engineer is a person who is responsible for the engineering element of the construction and design of marine vessels and ships. Just like any other traditional area of engineering, a shipbuilder engineer is a person who will have had to go through a minimum of four years of training so that they can work in a shipbuilding yard.

Cruise Ship Designer

If you want to be involved in the design and creation of some of the world’s most amazing and incredible cruise ships, this could be the perfect job for you. Imagine designing one of the world’s most famous cruise liners. That would be great for your resume, right?

Health and Safety Supervisor

Another job role that is critical in marine construction is that of a health and safety supervisor. After all, there is a lot of legislation and regulatory red tape that needs to be adhered to in marine construction. Employees work with a wide range of different machines and there are a lot of health and safety risks faced daily. As a result, the role of a health and safety supervisor is critical in ensuring everything is handled safely and above board.

Tool Pusher

A tool pusher is an individual who handles the maintenance of a continual supply of the required equipment on an oil rig.

Ship Fitter

Aside from the jobs that we have discussed so far, you may want to consider becoming a ship fitter. This job involves maintaining and repairing a ship, as the ship officer guides you while doing this.

Marine Engineer

One job opportunity that is very popular amongst those wanting to work in the marine field today is becoming a marine engineer. A marine engineer is a person who handles the repairs and maintenance of the machinery of the ship. This is a fascinating career possibility for anyone who has an interest in the technical elements of ships.


The bosun has a critical role on the ship as they are the person who works under the deck while at sea.

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To conclude, there are many jobs in the realm of marine construction. If you want to work in marine construction, consider one of the jobs mentioned above and do more research on it.

However, as mentioned, you cannot ignore the importance of taking out insurance when working in the marine sector. It is critical to make sure that you have the right level of protection in place when navigating this field. Contact us and we’ll steer you in the right direction.