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When was the last time someone took a good hard look at your business from a financial standpoint?

Insurance is but one of the costs of doing business, and like other inherent costs, it should be reviewed on a regular basis. At John B. Wright, we understand that need and its importance. We also know that our clients and their businesses are constantly evolving, and have addressed change by providing another level of guidance aimed at assisting small businesses to maintain acceptable profit margins.

Over the years, John B. Wright has become a trusted business adviser to a good number of clients. Should you care to discuss your specific needs, we would be pleased to meet with you at your convenience.

Go Paperless

In doing our small part for the environment, we have transitioned to a paperless office. As a result, we are now able to process your online requests faster and more efficiently. The move also eliminates a lot of the insurance-related paperwork you have had to contend with in the past.


Did you know that you can often reduce your monthly premium by simply combining policies? It’s something we normally research thoroughly before presenting our recommendations. As for our existing clients, we are constantly exploring opportunities to bundle or combine policies as we monitor changes in their lives and/or businesses.

If you are anticipating any change to your family, assets or business, we would recommend taking the time now to review your future insurance needs. Proper planning is often the key to securing the best combination of coverage and rates.

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