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Finding The Right Insurance For Your Business Can Be Difficult

Our process begins with a conversation, followed by a comprehensive analysis of your exposures, because everyone’s situation is different. The background information we come away with is crucial to meeting your very specific needs. The more we know about you, your family and your business, the more accurate our recommendations will be.

At John B. Wright, our Marine Program was developed to help maritime business owners like you find the coverage that meets their specific needs. Our team of Certified Insurance Counselors (CIC), work with you to identify your business’s loss exposure and match it with the proper coverage. As an independent agency, we are able to shop coverage on your behalf. We help you reduce coverage gaps, determine how one insurance policy integrates with others, and secure the coverage that meets your needs, while saving you money.

If your business involves Marine Construction, we insure it.

The Jones Act provides crewmembers protection against injury or disability as a result of negligence. It’s a specialized type of insurance, but one you may need if your business involves Merchant Marine crewmembers. Neglecting this coverage might be a false saving, so let John B. Wright examine your particular business situation, and review whether or not Jones Act coverage makes sense.

We do offer a general liability coverage policy for our maritime business customers. It’s a broad-based policy that provides basic general liability coverage for your business against lawsuit awards and related medical expenses.

However, any liability policy should be evaluated in the context of your entire business coverage, and it may make sense to talk to our advisors about more targeted liability coverage, such as a Marina Operators policy or Products Liability insurance.

There’s probably no need to even elaborate on the many possible forms and causes of environmental pollution. Any business located on or near a waterway is particularly open to scrutiny by state and federal authorities, as well as any number of independent “watchdog” groups.

Accidents do happen and remedial actions will have to be taken quickly to minimize additional liability exposure. At John B. Wright, we can create a specific policy to cover this eventuality, or make this coverage part of a complete package of maritime insurance protection.

Large underground or above ground tanks may be an integral part of your business. A severe leak or rupture could result in massive liability. Therefore, it may be beneficial to review the protection such a policy offers, and how it might best work with Pollution & Environmental insurance coverage. John B. Wright has the experience and expertise to evaluate this and all your risks, and present you with a comprehensive menu of options. Call us now.

U.S. Longshore Insurance is a type of insurance mandated by the United States Longshore and Harbor Workers Compensation Act of 1927, and is specifically designed to cover maritime workers not covered by the Jones Act.

John B. Wright can explain how your business might be affected by this law (as well as the Jones Act), and can offer you a cost-effective policy to keep you compliant and protected.

Workers Comp insurance is a fact of life if you have employees. It’s a type of insurance that protects employees in the event of a job-related injury. Because rules vary from time to time as do the number of employees you employ, it’s a good idea to periodically review your potential risks and coverage and see what pro-active steps you might be able to take to minimize cost.

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