Marine Property & Equipment

Contact an insurance agent experienced in the marine industry for guidance today.

Most business owners would agree that finding the time to research insurance is difficult.

At John B. Wright, our Marine Program was developed to help maritime business owners like you find the coverage that meets their specific needs. Our team of Certified Insurance Counselors (CIC), work with you to identify your business’s loss exposure and match it with the proper coverage. As an independent agency, we are able to shop coverage on your behalf. We help you reduce coverage gaps, determine how one insurance policy integrates with others, and secure the coverage that meets your needs, while saving you money.

If your business involves Marine Construction, we insure it.

A Bailee is defined as a person or organization to which possession of the property of others has been entrusted, usually for storage, repair or servicing. Except for policies issued expressly for such purposes, most property policies specifically prohibit coverage for benefit of a Bailee. Based on the scope of your marine business, a Bailees’ policy may be important

We can offer our marine business customers a carefully constructed policy, specifically designed for maritime businesses, that will help repair or replace buildings and associated business-related property and contents that are lost due to theft, fire or adverse weather. Contact us for information.

Your business might operate a range of company-owned or leased vehicles, from small sedans to semi-trucks and trailers, or perhaps your employees may use their vehicles on company business. Whether it’s a single vehicle or dozens, you need to make sure your vehicle insurance policy is providing the complete coverage your company needs to protect you and your assets in the event of damage, loss or a liability claim.

For many marine businesses, docks, bulkheads, piers, pilings, dry docks, marine railways, etc., represent large investments and, when you think about it, the most basic customer interface. By their nature, they can be exposed to severe conditions. In case of damage, they have to be repaired quickly. A Dock and Bulkhead policy can cover not only the structure itself, but associated equipment as well, and you can even combine with a specifically tailored business income policy.

You can’t assume that heavy-duty equipment like boilers and large machinery is automatically covered by existing commercial property insurance. It might not be and a special policy could be needed. Now is a good time to review all your insurance coverage with the team at John B. Wright. Give us a call.

In many cases, having the right tools in the right places is your stock in trade. Loss or damage due to specific events, including theft, can shut you down until replacements are brought in. Ask us to explain what types of tool and equipment are eligible for coverage and find out how economical it is.

If your company operates tugs, crew boats, fishing boats or virtually any type of income producing vessel, we can build a policy for you that protects the operators, vessels and crew from liability, damages and injuries. Contact John B. Wright so we can use our 50 years of experience to give you maximum coverage for minimum cost.

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