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Because everyone’s situation is different, our process begins with a conversation, followed by a comprehensive analysis of your exposures. The background information we come away with is crucial to meeting your very specific needs. The more we know about you, your family and your business, the more accurate our recommendations will be.

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Marine-Related Insurance Can Be Complex
Operating a marine-related business can be one of the most complex challenges in the business world. The maritime environment is filled with a complicated web of overlapping laws and regulations, local, state and federal, some of which date back almost 100 years.

Whether you service and upfit commercial workboats, operate a small marina or a large commercial one; whether you load/unload cargo, or run any one of many other maritime businesses, your world is difficult enough on a day-to-day basis – you shouldn’t have to worry about the impact of the unforeseen.

Because of the complexity of your world, we can’t emphasize too strongly how important it is to approach your business insurance as a whole, rather than with a piecemeal approach. To avoid overlapping coverage and unnecessary premiums, it’s in your best interest to review your entire maritime insurance coverage periodically.

At John B. Wright, we believe we have more experience in the maritime insurance field than any other company along the eastern seaboard. We understand your world and are ready, willing and able to bring this expertise to you on a no-cost basis. Contact us to discuss how we can evaluate your unique requirements, and give you a menu of recommendations as soon as possible.

Often referred to as “business interruption insurance”, a business income insurance policy is designed to replace lost income, so that you can recover if your business is shut down due to any number of circumstances, such as fire, storm or flood. Most general insurance policies will help you replace the buildings or the equipment within after a qualifying event, but it may take 3, 6, 9 months or longer to rebuild and replace the assets you’ve lost and restart your cash flow. For most businesses this can be a crippling gap, so let us evaluate your current business income insurance program and see if it needs updating.

Whether it’s a claim for discrimination, sexual harassment, wrongful termination, negligent evaluation or a host of other potential charges, defending your company can be expensive and the potential claims can be large, as can the potential damage to your company’s reputation. A well-structured employment practices insurance policy will permit you to respond quickly and aggressively if appropriate.

If your business involves more than just loading/unloading cargo or you are delivering cargo, you need to consider a specialized Inland Marine Policy that will cover all the goods you transfer from port to destination.

Operating a marina exposes you broadly to members of the general public. Whether they are refueling at your dock, checking on a repair in your yard, using your launching ramp, or visiting a friend who’s tied up at your dock, possibilities for legal liability are practically limitless. We have a specific Marina Operators Policy that can offer excellent general liability protection against these unforeseen occurrences.

An OCP insurance policy is a unique, stand-alone policy that generally covers the named insured’s liability for bodily injury and/or property damage caused by an independent contractor’s work for another party.

It’s a complicated subject, but if independent contractors are performing work on your property for a third party, you need to consult with the experts at John B. Wright for an explanation and discussion of the subject.

If you import, manufacture or distribute products as part of your business, you may want to consider products liability insurance, particularly if the products by their very nature have some inherent element of potentially increased risk to the user.

A Products Liability policy will help you offset the cost of legal defense, as well as cover at least some portion of damage awards, should it be necessary.

A surety bond is simply a guarantee of performance, often regarding some element of a building or construction project. The insurance company issuing the bond is guaranteeing that you can and will deliver what a contract calls for.

A bid bond, for instance, guarantees that the bidder is qualified to bid and deliver on the bid if awarded a contract.

Once a bid is awarded, a performance bond guarantees the winning bidder will deliver as called for in the bid, and a payment bond is a guarantee that the contractor will pay all of his sub-contractors or material suppliers.

If you should require surety bonds of one type or another, John B. Wright has access to a broad selection of these instruments that are tailored to fit your specific needs.

Think of Systems Breakdown Insurance as covering all the systems that keep your business running except boilers and heavy machinery. Systems like HVAC, security systems, inventory control systems or refrigeration systems.

While your commercial property insurance probably protects these systems in the event of a fire, will it cover damage or loss from an electrical short circuit or lightning strike? Probably not. We’ll be happy to incorporate SBI into your business protection plan, either as a stand-alone policy or as part of a comprehensive insurance program for your business.

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