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Your firm deserves more than a price quote.

Most firms think they are in good shape with a professional liability policy, business owners and workers compensation insurance. They may shop the professional liability for price because it is expensive; but, they rarely review the policies that are cheap. Qualitative differences and loss exposures that are not readily apparent often go unnoticed.

We believe your firm deserves more than a price quote. As a full service retailer specializing in insurance for law firms, we help you every step of the way. Servicing all lines of insurance needed by most firms, we can help you identify risks, minimize application paperwork and shop the market for your best options. Then, we help you compare the results so you can choose exactly what you want.

Insurance for a law firm presents complexities that are best addressed by coordinated solutions.

Insurance for a law firm presents complexities that are best addressed by coordinated solutions. That is why we recommend periodic review of your entire insurance program. While we are happy to assist with a single policy if you have an immediate and pressing need, we feel you will get the most benefit from our full service.

With over 20 professional liability carriers available, we shop the market for you to find your best option. This saves you time and unnecessary paperwork. Our full service approach helps you from filling out the application to comparing coverage options and ongoing service.

High risk areas of practice and claim history are not a problem. We are here to serve you, not to judge you.

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Kelan J. Vorbach,
CIC Professional Liability Program Manager

A business owner’s policy is designed to address various common property and liability exposures. It is extremely important to customize the policy features to meet the specific needs of your firm. While a properly configured business owners policy is a key component of your firm’s insurance protection, additional specialty policies may be needed to address specific coverage needs.

What happens to your business after a catastrophic event? Buildings and office equipment can be replaced, but more valuable are your files and data. While some basic coverage is likely included in a basic Business Owner’s insurance policy, it may not be sufficient to cover your practice.

Whether it’s a claim for discrimination, sexual harassment, wrongful termination, negligent evaluation or a host of other potential charges, defending your company can be expensive and the potential claims can be large, as can the potential damage to your company’s reputation. A well-structured employment practices insurance policy will permit you to respond quickly and aggressively if appropriate.

Workers Comp insurance is a fact of life if you have employees. It’s a type of insurance that protects employees in the event of a job-related injury. Because rules vary from time to time as do the number of employees you employ, it’s a good idea to periodically review your potential risks and coverage and see what pro-active steps you might be able to take to minimize cost.

The problem with employee dishonesty insurance is that most firms that trust their employees and don’t buy it. The irony is that only trusted employees are able to get away with the crime. The unfortunate result is that most employee dishonesty claims nationwide are underinsured. We can help you. Contact us about employee dishonesty insurance.

Whether your firm operates company-owned or leased vehicles or employees use their vehicles on company business, you need to make sure your vehicle insurance policy is providing the coverage your company needs.

As the name implies, this low-cost coverage provides additional protection when a loss exceeds the coverage limits of your general liability, workers comp or commercial automobile policies.

John B. Wright is a full-service provider of business, commercial and personal insurance. As courtesy to our business customers, we are happy to extend the offer of a complimentary review of individual and family insurance status to you and your associates.

Your firm has an obligation to keep your client’s private information private. Law firms are generally considered soft targets by cyber criminals and they hold a wealth of confidential information. In addition to cyber liability (third party claims), a good data breach policy can help the firm with first party coverage, such as cost to comply with notification requirements, credit monitoring for clients and employees whose data has been exposed, setting up phone bank and more. Other first party costs include forensics to find the breach, expenses to patch it, downtime. You can even cover cyber extortion, where hackers threaten to expose your client’s information on the internet. Certain professional liability and business owners policies contain a cyber-liability feature, it usually provides very limited coverage. Your firm should consider a broad data breach policy.