How to Find The Best Coastal Property Insurance in NJ

If you are interested in purchasing a home on the coast, you might wonder if there is specific coastal property insurance in NJ that you need to know about.

John B. Wright Insurance Agency can help you when looking for the best coastal property insurance.

Here are some common questions people have when looking for the best coastal property insurance for their coastal residents.

Hazards That Make NJ Coastal Insurance a Necessity

If you have been in NJ for some time, you will already have a solid knowledge of the weather and the impact that it has in the area.

And while NJ is proactive and has plenty of preventative measures in place, you can never be sure when a coastal catastrophe will arise.

Having coastal property insurance in NJ is a must. Here are several reasons why:

  • Waves – While the beautiful location draws many people to purchase a home in the area, the waves can pose a hazard. Wave hazards make your NJ coastal property insurance indispensable.
  • FloodsNJ is susceptible to flooding; this could result from heavy rainfall or strong winds and storms. Flood hazards aren’t just standing water; they also include high-velocity floodwaters and the waterborne debris that can damage your property.
  • Erosion – There are two kinds of coastal erosion hazards, short-term and long-term. Short-term is the rapid erosion caused by floods and storms. And the long-term erosion is the slower over-time erosion caused by the coastline. You should make sure that you discuss both with your NJ coastal property insurance provider.
  • Wind – There is a pleasant wind that many people enjoy, then there are the winds that can come with storms, tornadoes, and hurricanes. Wind can remove roof tiles, cause power outages, and cause trees to fall on your property.

How Does Coastal Property Insurance Differ From Regular Home Insurance?

One of the most significant differences is that coastal homes typically have more exposure to the elements. This extra exposure means that they often require coverage beyond what comes with a traditional home insurance policy.

Coastal home insurance often includes separate deductibles. There are named-storm deductibles, hurricane deductibles, and wind deductibles. For some clarification on what that means:

If you live within X miles of the coast, and a tree was to get blown down on your property, your wind deductible will apply here instead of your regular home insurance deductible.

If you live within X miles from the coast and have a standard home insurance policy with no wind deductible, a tree falls on your property; your regular home deductibles will apply.

Coastal property insurance is designed to help you in the face of Mother Nature.

Do I Need Coastal Property Insurance?

To understand if you need coastal property insurance, you need to know if your home is a coastal property. Different insurance providers will have different requirements when it comes to your coastal home insurance.

In general, most insurance providers will require additional coverage when your property is 3 miles or less from the coast.

This is what makes it vital to work with an insurance agent experienced in coastal property insurance like John B. Wright Insurance Agency.

How are Wind, Hurricane, or Named-Storm Deductibles Set?

Most often, your coastal insurance deductibles will be a flat fee or somewhere between 1-5% of the value of your coastal property. These numbers may vary depending on your location and the insurance provider that you choose.

It is important to know that both types of deductibles are applied to your home’s replacement cost, not the claim. So if your home is $600,000 and you have a 5% deductible, you will need to pay $30,000 out before the insurance company will payout.

To get those deductibles as low as possible, while still maintaining a high amount of protection for your home, you should work with an agent with experience and understanding of coastal property insurance.

John B. Wright Insurance Agency’s expert team can ensure that you get the best coastal property insurance in New Jersey.

Do I Also Need Flood Insurance in Addition to Coastal Property Insurance?

It would be best if you kept in mind that flood damage is excluded from home insurance policies, including coastal coverage like hurricane, wind, and named-storm.

If your home were to sustain damage from a flood, your insurance policy would not cover those repairs. However, if you are in a designated flood zone, you must have flood insurance to maintain your mortgage.

It is important that you don’t confuse home insurance with flood insurance, or assume that your policy has flood insurance just because you have coastal coverage.

How Should I Set My Policy Limits When Adding Coastal Coverage to my Home Insurance?

It would be best if you worked with a professional like John B. Wright Insurance Agency to ensure that you get this crucial component of your insurance correct.

You will consider many factors when setting limits. The proximity to the water and the value of your home are two of those.

What To Look For In A Coastal Insurance Company

To get the right insurance company for you, work with an expert like John B. Wright Insurance Agency.

Every insurance is an investment and should be taken seriously. Here is what you should look for in a coastal insurance company.


If you don’t do your research, you could find yourself landed with an insurance company that has a reputation for rejecting claims without good reason.

John B. Wright Insurance Agency can help you avoid making this mistake with your NJ coastal property insurance.

Good Customer Service

Whether it is over the phone or via email, you need to know that your insurance company will deal with your questions with professionalism and care.

Make sure that your NJ coastal insurance company is friendly and responsive.


One-size-fits-all policies aren’t the right option for NJ coastal property insurance.

You should seek an insurance company that listens to what you need, understands the specific needs of coastal property, and gives a detailed analysis of your property needs.

Coastal property insurance in NJ is essential, and with John B. Wright Insurance Agency – you have experience and knowledge to help you make the right choice.