3 ways insurance can protect you and your jet ski

Jet Skis and WaveRunners are a blast but they can be risky to operate.

Policies typically cover many of the same kinds of risks as boat insurance but with some key differences.

Here are 3 ways insurance can protect you and your jet ski.

1. Theft

Theft rates for personal watercraft are significantly higher than for boats. Jet skis don’t typically use a key like a boat would. A jet ski is relatively small and can easily be taken off a dock or lift, making them easy targets for thieves. You’ll definitely want to make sure you’re covered for theft.

2. Liability

While you probably wouldn’t let just anyone operate your boat, a jet ski often gets shared amongst family and friends.

This exposes you to greater liability, especially when an inexperienced user is operating the craft. Unlike a car or motorcycle, a personal watercraft doesn’t have brakes. Some newer models can even reach 70 mph.

Jet ski accidents are fairly common when compared to other vessels on the water. Personal watercraft insurance will cover you in the case of an accident, whether you are the one operating the craft or not.

Damage to docks or other watercraft, bodily injury or death all are covered under the liability portion of your policy. You’ll also be covered when pulling someone tubing, skiing, or wakeboarding.

3. Damage

Most models can be quite expensive to repair. Whether you give your jet ski a little too much throttle and hit the dock, or are involved in a crash with another watercraft, collision coverage will give you peace of mind.

Jet skis that have been modified to increase performance are hard to cover. Additionally, since they don’t have lights, operating the watercraft at night is also not covered. Another thing to remember is that the operator must meet local licensing requirements.

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