What to look for in a swing set

Swing sets are a timeless source of entertainment for children.

There are plenty of swing sets to choose from so before you buy, consider these five key points.

Your budget

You might be surprised by just how expensive swing sets can be. Luxury models often sell for over $10,000, while custom pieces can be even more. To narrow down your list of contenders, set a budget.

Target age

Next, consider the ages of the children who will be using the swing set. In general, the recommended age range will be listed either on the packaging or online in the listing for the product. If looking at a mix of ages, you will want to find an option that has a little something for everyone.

Safety features

Safety features are always important and there are certain items you really should have. Look for handles by ladders, railings for steps, covered moving parts, high weight limits and covered chains. Also look online to see if anyone has rated that particular model for safety.

Unique elements

Some swing sets include specialty swings, wild slides, watchtowers, built-in games and more.

Expected lifespan

You want to purchase a swing set that is designed to last. If it’s for your own children, that might be around seven to ten years. If it’s for a neighborhood association, that might be 20 years or more. (All-weather plastic models tend to have the longest lifespans.)