What to consider when selecting a caregiver

Getting a senior parent to accept they need help can be a battle, and finding them the right caretaker might prove just as difficult.

Here are some important things to consider when selecting the right help for your mom or dad.

Who are the decision-makers?

It’s important to honor your parent’s thoughts on what they want in a caregiver (assuming they’re up to it). But who else is a decision-maker in this process? These people could be your siblings, another parent, or even a primary care physician. Bringing all relevant parties into this decision early on could prevent strife later.

Full-time or part-time care?

Senior adults are often disinterested in entering a care facility even if they require full-time attention. You will need to determine what level of care works best given their living arrangements. Are they in need of company during the day with light supervision? Do they struggle during the night? Is there family who can handle nighttime duty? Try to sit down with everyone to create a schedule, and then decide.

What are their qualifications?

The caregivers in consideration should be qualified to deliver the level of care needed. Look for those who are licensed, accredited, experienced and have a clean background. While agencies will usually have all of this information handy, it is vital that you verify everything independently too. Mistakes can be made and things might have changed since the last background check.

How do they fit into your budget?

While we would like to give our parents everything they want and need, budget is sometimes an issue. It’s in your best interest to determine your spending limit and how to make care work within that budget. This might call for splitting shifts between a caretaker and family members. Also, keep in mind that your parent’s insurance plan may offer some coverage for in-home care. Speak with their insurance broker to better understand their policies.