Simple ways to protect your home from break-ins

There are all sorts of gadgets and systems on the market designed to prevent burglars from breaking into your home. While you can spend thousands to keep your house safe, there are also more simple, cheaper ways to lessen the chance of break-ins. Here are just a few ideas you can try.

Upgrade to better doors

Most homes come with a pretty solid front door, but back and side doors aren’t usually as impenetrable. Head to your local hardware store or check out showrooms for easy replacement options.

Lock up your home whenever possible

Anytime you leave you should probably lock up. Also consider keeping doors (deadbolt locks are the most secure) and windows locked even when you’re home.

Most built-in window locks are sufficient, but upgrading to casement windows is a good choice as they can only be opened from the inside by a hand crank.

Place plants in front of windows

Because criminals are looking for easy access, they won’t want to risk getting caught from a difficult, noisy entry. Placing plants in front of windows can be an effective deterrent, as it increases the chances of loud noise when breaking in.

Keep valuable items out of sight

Although plants might be a good choice to keep in front of windows, valuables aren’t. Costume jewelry could be mistaken for an expensive diamond piece to those peeping in windows. Also keep in mind outside items, such as bikes and cars. Anything that signals wealth can be inviting to criminals.

Make it clear that people come and go

It can be tempting to keep your home private. But when homes look undisturbed for too long, they become easier targets for break-ins. Try taking steps to make it clear that people are coming and going frequently. You can put your lights and televisions on timers, and have neighbors check-in if you plan to be away for long.