Looking for the right insurance?   John B. Wright Insurance can help you today.

Since 1961, we have been working with construction companies.

We know that providing the right insurance protection and risk management advice requires a deep understanding and knowledge of your industry.

From the local home-builder and renovation contractor to the heavy construction contractor, we have programs that are tailored for your exact business. If you are a local trade contractor, or a multi state general contractor, your company can benefit from our experience and market reach. Invite one of our professional advisers into your company. We guarantee, you will benefit from our expertise and experience.

From the local home-builder and renovation contractor to the heavy construction contractor, we have programs that are tailored for your exact business.

With the growing frequency of Contractual Risk Transfer (CRT) arrangements, help is available to make sure your insurance responds, and you are not holding the bag if a loss occurs. Additionally, we are available to help you with General Liability, Workers Compensation and Commercial Automobile audit reporting advice. Our goal is to keep your work-sites safe, your coverage accurate and up-to-date, as well as be competitive in today’s market.

Our loss control resources help reduce and sometimes eliminating threats that create claims. Reducing the frequency of claims has many side effects. It keeps your premiums as low as possible. It ensures beneficial productivity from your employees. Most importantly, it keeps your good faith among your customers. All of which, translates into getting the most from your insurance dollar and helps avoid gaps and overlaps. Click here to download a sample of our risk management process X.

We are an independent agency representing you. With direct representation of only the finest and most experienced insurance carriers doing business in Construction, you have access to a wealth of insurance and risk management techniques and tools.

We represent companies such as, Travelers, Selective, C N A, Nationwide, and Liberty Mutual just to name a few. Their dedicated claim and underwriting departments are second to none. Their industry specialization reaches well beyond risk control. Our agency makes sure that their Risk Control, Underwriting, Claim and Audit departments work together and focus exclusively on your behalf.

We work with:
General Contractors
Underground Utility Contractors Street and Road Contractors
Excavation and Site Clearing Marine Contractors
Masonry and Concrete Carpentry
Bridge, Street and Road Contractor Drywall and Insulation
Fire Sprinklers Electrical
Mechanical Contractors Home-builders and Trade Contractors
Plus Many More

Coverage offerings:
Property including buildings and contents
Inland Marine, such as Tools and Equipment, Builders Risk and Installation Coverage
Commercial Auto Insurance
General Liability Insurance including premises, products and completing operations
Contractors Pollution Liability
Contractors Errors and Omissions and Professional Liability
Owners and Contractors Protective Liability
Railroad Protective Liability
Workers Compensation and if required, US Longshore & Harbor
Workers coverage
Construction Surety

If your business involves more than just loading/unloading cargo or you are delivering cargo, you need to consider a specialized Inland Marine Policy that will cover all the goods you transfer from port to destination.

Whether your firm operates company-owned or leased vehicles or employees use their vehicles on company business, you need to make sure your vehicle insurance policy is providing the coverage your company needs.

An OCP insurance policy is a unique, stand-alone policy that generally covers the named insured’s liability for bodily injury and/or property damage caused by an independent contractor’s work for another party.

It’s a complicated subject, but if independent contractors are performing work on your property for a third party, you need to consult with the experts at John B. Wright for an explanation and discussion of the subject.

With your business insured why choose an Umbrella Insurance Policy?

Umbrella insurance is liability insurance. It protects you when you need more liability coverage than what is provided in a normal insurance policy – Commercial Auto or General Liability, for instance.

As an example, your General Liability insurance may include up to $500,000 liability coverage. But what happens if you’re sued for something that happened to another party in your business and the costs associated with the lawsuit greatly exceed the coverage limits in your policy? Automobile policies always have liability coverage limits – how can you protect your business or assets if a successful claim greatly exceeds those limits?

The answer, of course, is an umbrella policy. They’re relatively inexpensive and are tailored to kick-in when the liability coverage limits of any other policies are exceeded.

Check with us for a free Umbrella Insurance quote. It’s inexpensive peace of mind.

Workers Comp insurance is a fact of life if you have employees. It’s a type of insurance that protects employees in the event of a job-related injury. Because rules vary from time to time as do the number of employees you employ, it’s a good idea to periodically review your potential risks and coverage and see what pro-active steps you might be able to take to minimize cost.

The problem with employee dishonesty insurance is that most firms that trust their employees and don’t buy it. The irony is that only trusted employees are able to get away with the crime. The unfortunate result is that most employee dishonesty claims nationwide are underinsured. We can help you. Contact us about employee dishonesty insurance.