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We know we may need “insurance” for a lot of things, but what kind of insurance? How much do I need? What are the risks of being underinsured? Can I buy too much insurance? And is the insurance I bought 3 years ago what I need today? How about 5 years from now?

Sometimes we simply must have insurance - for a motor vehicle or to get a home mortgage. Often we buy insurance to take care of our families if we’re no longer able to, or to take care of ourselves and our families in the event of a serious illness, or guard our assets should we get sued by someone injured at our home.

Essentially we purchase insurance because it protects us, our families, and our assets from the financial hardships that might result from any number of unforeseen, often unlikely, circumstances.

There’s no “one size fits all” answer. We’re all different. Families are different. You can educate yourself as much as possible, but ultimately you’ll need a very experienced guide who will take the time to get to know you and your family well. A guide who has the experience and expertise to help you understand the potential risks you face and the many options available to minimize them, always taking into consideration the budget trade-offs virtually everyone has.

That’s where an independent agent like John B. Wright is invaluable, so lets look at some of the types of insurance just about everyone needs. At John B. Wright, our job is to look after your best interests by understanding your unique situation, and offering a range of insurance options for you to consider.

We want you to become a lifelong client and we know the only way to do that is to analyze your needs carefully, present recommendations and options in plain language and continually review your status.