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New Jersey Business Insurance

Business insurance is a necessary part of doing business. However, it need not be complicated. At John B. Wright, we take the time to identify your specific needs based on a thorough risk analysis. We then shop the nation’s best carriers on your behalf. Our coverage recommendations are geared to your business and yours alone. Our Insurance Professionals will explain your coverage options in detail. It’s important you leave our office with peace of mind in knowing your business and personal assets are protected.

Do I need business insurance? The short answer is yes. All businesses can be sued, even small home-based businesses. The purpose of business insurance is to protect your personal property in case of a lawsuit. There are always unexpected expenses and setbacks. Fortunately, business insurance helps you minimize the financial impact of common exposures. Without it, one major loss could put you out of business.

What type of insurance do I need? Among the commonly required policies are workers compensation, unemployment and disability insurance.

How much coverage do I need? The state in which you conduct business, Basic insurance requirements are stipulated by state regulations.

In that the purpose of business insurance is to protect your personal assets, the dollar value of those assets will also play a part in determining the amount and type of insurance required too.

While there are many types of business insurance to cover a wide range of industry specific exposures, you’ll find some of the more common listed on the right.